Houses Potentially Availible to Turn Into A COOP

Feel free to list your house/property that you might be interested in possibly turning their house into a coop. 


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  • - Dorchester, Single Family house can easily house 5-7 people.  Estimated rents with utilities around $400-$500.  I would rent the whole house to one or two individuals who would be responsible for running the coop, collecting rents, and ultimately paying me a lump sum rent.  The house has a big back yard great for events (there's the equivalent of a small basketball court in one part of the back yard), so-so for gardening (lots of shade), and a somewhat waterproof basement.  I currently live in the house, but, might be interested in moving in the next few years to Cambridge.                                                                                        
  • Missy - Lawrence.  Legal 2 family currently set up as a single family and used for a coop for the last 6 years is for sale.  While enjoying 6 years of community life, the owners have decided to move on and the house is going for a mere $152,000 (half of what was paid for it, and it is a short-sale).  The house is located in the North Common neighborhood of Lawrence and is 1/2 mile from Lawrence General Hospital and about 1/2 mile from the Lawrence station on the commuter rail (haverhill line). The house in in an urban environment meaning little to no yard and no off street parking.  It is however a very large house with a large renovated kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, 6 1/2 large bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, a private patio area and storage space in the basement.  Although there have been may renovations, it does have a few areas of repairs that will need to be made in the next few years (a leak in a back flat roof and peeling paint).  To check it out you will need to go through our realtor: Neily Soto and you can see the listing at  (it is MLS# 7137791)