Individuals Who Could Lend to New Coops

The Coop Allied Lenders email alias is a group that individuals or small businesses can join who wish to receive periodic updates about potential local coop investment opportunities. Right now we are focused on supporting cooperative housing development in the Greater Boston area but other local coop opportunities could be sent to this list. 

This list's purpose is to provide the means to invest and grow the local cooperative economy while providing an avenue for community members to receive a rate of return on their investments. 
  • Allied loans would be used as supplemental financial support for the purchase of future cooperative houses. 
  • Loans typically run a 5-year term at a fixed interest rate of 0-3%, as agreed on in advance. 
  • These loans allow for future coops to gain capital at a lower interest rate than their mortgage would allow, but still offers a higher interest rate than individuals might get at their banks. 
  • Typical loan amounts range from $1,000 to $5,000 but can be even greater. 
In an effort to not publish lists of people and the amounts of funds or services they have available we have an email alias that you can join if have capital that you could lend to a new coop house. This is investing locally! You will get emails from potential coop start up groups periodically. You can preview the recent postings in the google groups list below. 

To join as a potential local coop lender click the blue "Join Group to Post" box below. If it says "Membership" it means your already a member. Also join the group if you are developing a coop so you can email potential lenders.

Join the Coop Allied Lenders