Processing food

Processing local foods


The League of Urban Canners wants to harvest your
unused fruit from trees in your yard, can it into sauce, jam, or butter, and return 10% of the product to you.  In their words, "During fall 2011, LUrC canned over 70 pints of apple sauce and 50 pints of grape jam from local apple trees and grape arbors and returned 10% of that to the owners.
  • We remove fruit before it falls in your yard and makes a mess.
  • We give you 10% of whatever product we make from your fruit.
  • We schedule the exact time of the harvest in advance.
  • We bring a small team of no more than three experienced harvesters.
  • We use all our own tools.
  • We clean up after ourselves.
  • We do not charge.
If you are own a fruit tree or arbor and are interested, or if you know of a fruit tree or arbor that is not being harvested, please contact us at urbanapplesauce[at]gmail[dot]com

Fermentation (booze, yogurt, pickling)

The Somerville Yogurt Co-op
makes weekly batches of low-cost, low-footprint, locally sourced and additive-free yogurt. They're a for-neighbors by-neighbors collective open for anyone to join, even you! Check out the frequently asked questions and get in touch!