Sourcing food

Sourcing food in Boston

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture, known as CSA, is a way to purchase produce directly from farmers, guaranteeing consumers farm fresh produce throughout a growing season while ensuring farmers the upfront capital they need for farming like seed purchases and soil amendments.  Essentially, consumers buy a "share" of the harvest at the beginning of the planting season and then receive a box of fresh produce weekly for the whole harvest season.  Local Harvest has a great explanation of the ways CSAs benefit both farmers and consumers, and the different forms CSAs may take.

Whirlybird Co-op has collected a fantastic list of CSAs in the Boston area.

Co-operative Groceries and Businesses

Dorchester Food Co-op is in the process of forming. 

Harvest Co-op has supermarket stores in JP and Cambridge.  We encourage people to become active members of Harvest and attend Board meetings if possible to encourage the co-op to focus on sustainable sourcing, ensuring labor rights for product sources as well as Harvest's own employees, and supporting low-income consumers to access healthy, organic products.

Bulk Buying Clubs

Local Foods

Boston Localvores has a list of the 10 Best Ways to Eat Local in Boston.

Sharing Food

Food Not Bombs cooks two big meals a week at the Food Trade Center, a collective house in Allston, and then serves the food for free in public places to anyone who would like a meal, whether hungry or food secure.  Check out the meal schedule for details, and come by to help cook, clean, serve, or eat!