Credit Unions

Overall, there aren't many agreed upon ways of measuring how well credit unions are doing in terms community lending, consumer education. Most of their websites and public materials are focused on selling products to their members. Some ways to learn more about a credit union are to:
  • compare them against model credit unions like alternatives fcu(ithaca), opportunities cu(vt), self-help cu(nc, ca, online), permaculture cu(nm), directory of community development cu's
  • talk to and email with their branch managers, board members, ceo, and manager of foundation giving
  • attend their annual meeting
  • consider their mission and profiles of their board members
  • read newsletter
  • read their news page
  • read their annual report
Some possible activities to evaluate them upon:
  • consumer education
  • credit rehabilitation programs
  • small business and minority owned business lending
  • mortgage lending priorities
  • charitable foundation priorities
  • amount of participation in annual meeting
  • age, history
  • services and branches in low income communities
Based on reading their websites and newsletters, their mission, looking at what organizations their foundations have given to, and some limited discussions with their management, the following seemed interesting:

industrial cu - interesting charitable giving, long history
cambridge portuguese cu (cpcu) - long history, supports a cultural community, many ties to local organizations
city of boston cu - board is made of city employees
metro cu - serve low income communities, tries to provide lots of personal loans
st jeans cu - oldest

Some other possibilities:

energy cu
first priority cu
liberty bay cu
hanscom cu
digital cu
tremont cu
member plus cu
us alliance cu

Please edit, add more as you learn about them.