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Mission I.

Help New Coops to Form

notes from Katie at last meeting:
1)   Monthly callouts on Craigslist:  "Are you interested in starting a coop but having trouble finding a space?   Come have dinner at our place, meet people like you, and talk to existing coopers about how to get started"

2)   If the expansion committee does wind up doing regular outreach to would-be coopers, timing these around move-in/move-out dates, when there are lots of people moving in and out   (so, May / June, August / September)

3)   Possibly coordinating through BCC to arrange leases and facilitate contact with landlords for rental coops   (not an immediate option, but potentially huge long-term advantage, in terms of making it possible to quickly coordinate large group living arrangements)

4)   Possibly coordinating with BCC, as a non-profit, to help subsidize start-up costs for large group rentals   (to mitigate trying to organize first month's last month's security for larger rental coops)

5)   Reaching out to landlords / brokers to start developing a database (or map) of where 5, 6, and 7-bedrooms are located  (and starting to cultivate relationships, so they consider us when spaces become available) -- landlord education packets, "Why coops are great to rent to" etc.

6)   Existing coops reach out to people when slots fill up (a la Puddingstone -- working with interested members, on the assumption that one or two will be interested in following up, putting in time, making their own space):   "Do you want to start a coop?   We'll help you get started"