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Mission II.

Increase Awareness of Housing Coops

ok how do we do this?  Use this space to jot down ideas...   or add you name if it's an idea you want to be involved in.

[nate]  just start posting and refining answers to these on the public wiki http://bostoncoops.org
  • What are housing coops in Boston like?
  • How can I join one?
  • How can I start one?
  • Coop improvement/skillsharing resources

[nate]   Facebook BCN group.   Facebook groups for each coop.   

[nate]  Get coops to each have their own website.  And use it!    My examples  (http://puddingstone.bostoncoops.org   and http://karaoke.bostoncoops.org)

[nate]  Create fliers and informational material and hold a table at various city events to promote coops.

notes from Katie at last meeting:
1)   Tabling at festivals, fairs, and community events  (either through BCC, or independently, or together-informally -- but making

2)   Creating landlord education packets on why coopers make good renters 

3)   Facebook page for boston coopers?