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Mission III.

Strengthen the Connections Between Coops

how can we accomplish this?  use this space to add ideas.  or add you name if it's an idea you want to be involved in.

[nate]  Google calendars to make existing events more transparent.  create a BCN google calendar.  Encourage coops to have their own public calendar (e.g. http://karaoke.bostoncoops.org/calendar).  Create an aggregate google calendar.  

[nate]  coop skillshares or an 

[nate]  annual Boston Coop Conference

notes from Katie at last meeting:
1)   Reaching out to rental coops, faux-ops, and informal cooperative houses to get a sense of how many coops there actually are in Boston  and how they can help each other   (especially re: new members) (one possibility:  a series of outreach dinners, either by BCC or the newly established BEC cadre of volunteers, at various informal coops in the area -- or, alternatively, doing a Craigslist sweep and inviting these people to dinner with us)

2)   "So you want to start a coop?" information sessions -- where the focus is less logistical  (as in Wednesday's meeting) and more interested in creating successful social groups   (how are coops and intentional communities different?   ethics of chore-sharing?   what do you need to think about before you move into a big house with lots of people?" -- targeted at non-coopers who are interested in becoming coopers

3)   BCC expansion -- if BCC *is* interested in spearheading some of this, figuring out how to bring enthusiastic non-members in to share the workload  (and without creating a whole lot of extra work for folks at SeedPod) -- BEC + independent expansion committee  is the initial step for this 

4)   A series of follow-up meetings  (monthly?)  for people interested in continuing the discussion on Wednesday, who are interested in picking up some of these threads and running with them.