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2010-10-13 Meetup

8:00pm  (meeting started late, closer to 8:30)

Introductions (10 min) - who are we, where are each of us coming from, and what would like to bring to this committee?
  • Attendees:  Johnn, Jen, Charlie, Oren, Nate

BCC update from Charlie
  • BCC will stick with bcc.coop
  • BCC mission is to be a multicoop org.  eventually own more properties.

BEC Name Review (5 min)
  • BEC is too close to BCC and BCN and those two are already easily confused entities without a third similar one in there too.  Let's try to think of something different.
  • expand, branch, vine.... something that can be visualized more
  • branches = boston regional action network cooperative housing expansion squad
  • BRANCHES was the best we came up with so perhaps we should start using that instead of BEC

Coop Visits (25 min) -  what information should be gathered?  
                                   what coops should be contacted?  
                                   how can coop folks engage with BEC?
  • we reviewed a list of known coops
  • there is a spectrum of intentional community and coops fall on that spectrum but it is a larger spectrum.  how much of the spectrum do we intend to reach?  
  • it'd be nice to connect them all but how can we connect the coops to the co-housing etc. if the coops aren't even connected?
  • it be good to find a representative of each coop/community out there.  
  • johnn:  I'm willing to represent Williams St. coop
  • What do we say to coops?
    • Coops cooperate within the coop and why shouldn't we cooperate between coops.  
    • Having a presence is in their best interest.  help with recruitment.  decrease the sense of isolation.  
    • diversity is a strong point of coops.  between coops.  we aren't trying to conform coops to one model.  
    • tell coops about the mission.   and ask for interest in helping.
Public Events at which we should try to have representation  (10 min) - tabled for another meeting
Monthly callouts on Craigslist (15) - tabled for another meeting
Coop Fair (10 min) - tabled for another meeting

Mission Review (10 min) - review draft and discuss
  • Mission discussion
  • after a short period of discussion we were able to come to a pretty strong consensus that something like this should be mission:
1  helping new coops to form
2  awareness for those who aren't in coops to know about coops
3  strengthening the connections between coops

Unconference - Jen brought up the idea of holding an unconference for coops based on her experience with Open Space (unconference)
  • maybe something like this could be organized.  spend a half day discussing.  
  • driven by participants
  • what is the difference between this and coop fair?   
  • this is an internal thing for internal discussion unlike the coop fair which is more external.  
For future planning meetings maybe try a day that isn't Wed. because cambridge coop can't meet on wednesday.  

Website Stuff - Charlie, Oren, and Nate met about website stuff after the meeting
  • We agree that there should be a single portal on the web somewhere that can contain/point to all things boston coop related
  • This is something different from BCN which is just an email list
  • This could be hosted on bcc.coop
  • nate: Seems like bcc the organization and this web thing we're talking about are two distinctly different things and should be made to appear different.  I just want to see that something like this does happen and if bcc.coop is where folks really want it then thats cool.  let's do it.  I'm offering bostoncoops.org as another option which would be a clearly distinct site unto it's own and beholden only to the mission of this group as we've defined earlier.  
  • nate: Oren I think, volunteered to work on this website and proposes doing it in drupal.  I've deleted my MediaWiki site and installed Drupal to bostoncoops.org and it is currently ready for development.