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2010-11-11 Meetup


planned:  7:30pm  Start Time.   9:30pm End Time.    Length 110 min + 10 min slack)
actual:   7:45pm Start Time.  
Introductions (10 min) - who are we, where are each of us coming from, and what would like to bring to this committee?
  • Attendees:  Marlene, Wayne, Jason, Katie, Charlie, Johnn, Mary, Shauna, Micha, Joanne, Gordon
Agenda Review (5) - add remove topics

NASCO update (10) - Charlie
  • Charlie attended this year and discussed some of the take aways he had
  • somewhat surprise to see such large numbers per house (40+) compared to what we see in Boston.  Although many are student coops.  
  • had great anti-oppression workshops, would really recommend these.  
  • noted that the boards of cooperatives had large numbers of non-members.  This is something of interest for BCC which is largely member run.  
  • Charlie is on now on the NASCO board.  woot!  Congrats!
  • There are rumors of an East Coast NASCO meeting sometime in March, in Philly, NY, or Boston.  
BCC update (5) - Charlie
  • $5000 will be set aside for short term loans (around 5% interest rate) for start up rental coops to help with Security Deposits etc.  To be approved on a case by case basis. 
  • suggestion that somewhat longer term loans may be necessary
  • suggestion of allowing for cheaper interest rates in exchange for shorter loan periods. 
Public Events at which we should try to have representation  (5) - start making a list
  • Winter Farmers Market
  • Boston Skillshare
  • Art Beat
  • Vegetarian Festival
  • Summer Trading Post
  • Cambridge Science Fair
  • Time Trade Circles
  • So Just Roots Convention
  • Bobb Samuels
  • Wake Up the Earth
  • Yogurt Coop
  • Spontaneous Celebrations
  • Career Services
  • Tufts Community Day
  • Any School Related Event / Just talk to schools in general
  • Sprout Somerville
  • Boys/Girls Club
  • YMCA
  • Arts ot the Armory
  • Laundry Mats
  • SCALE - Adult Education  (Cambridge, Brookline, and JP also of Adult Ed. programs)
  • Any bulletin boards anywhere
  • Any spiritual centers
  • Harvest Coop (cambridge and JP)
  • Catholic Worker Houses
  • Workmans Circle
  • Directory of Progressive Orgs (Julie, Robby Samuels, Stephanie)

  • Who's gonna work on this initiative?   i.e. put together promotional material into pamphlets, distribute, tabling, phone calls?
    • Nate, Oren, Katie, and Gordon volunteer
    • Suggestion made that when we have more specific tasks to be done to ask or assign work as needed to better distribute tasks
Break (10)

Website Stuff (20) - Oren - Review what been happening and ideas for how to move foward.  
  • discussion what is a housing coop?
    • the nomenclature we use when talking about coops is always confusing.  Mentioned maybe using instead cooperative housing, or shared housing, or cooperative community.   All of these terms however still didn't seem perfect.  
    • perhaps changing logo on the website that gives more description of coop with a changing phase like shared cooking, efficiency, sustainability etc.
Monthly Callouts on Craigslist (15) - Katie
  • Katie already posted on Craigslist and will gather and update us later on the response.  She is willing to host and set this up.   (Thank you!!!)
BEC Name Review (5) - can we approve branches?
  • branches approved
Open Media
  • Jason plugged his organization Open Media.  http://www.openmediaboston.org/
  • Suggested it would be a good forum for continuing the conversations we are having about coops in opinion pieces that anyone can submit.  
  • And they can always use more journalists.  If you want to report on anything check this site out and get involved!  =)
International Coop Alliance Coop Day
  • Coop Day is trying to be organized for July 3rd.  Harvest is one coop we're trying to get on board.  Contact Wayne for more information.  
Meeting Review / Comment (10)

Random Notes
  • Micha would be a good resource for coop accounting.  Contact him if interested.