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2011-02-03 Meetup


7:30pm  Start Time.    

Introductions (10 min) 
  • Attendees:  Johnn (williams st), Gordon (franklin st), Nate (karaoke), Gabe (spirit of 76), Joanne (Bigtop), Maggie (Cooperative Fund of New England)
Agenda Review (5) - add remove topics
  • overview and Q/A of Cooperative Fund of New England
  • Joanne talked with Charlie and can update us on BCC stuff
Pamphlet creation  (15) - progress update / feedback
  • Nate will divide up know coop contact info among Gordon, Oren, Katie and himself
  • We should try to contact members of these coops on the phone to talk about branches, 
    • ask for input, 
    • what does your coop mean to you?, 
    • how do you describe what it is?, 
    • could we have any photos of your coop for use in coop promotional material? 
    • can we put a description of the coop in materials?
    • can we put a marker on a map in materials (not exactly)?

Other discussions:
  • the move (getoutma.org), we know Dave, raised bed gardens, somerville climate action,
  • spirit of 76, was actually founded in '76!   but cambridge coop has been around since 1965.

maps of the coop would be really help

maggie, Cooperative fund of New England,
ellen langer, making older people do things that remind them of when they were younger.  perhaps this cooperative housing for seniors. 

different standards of living

joanne point to branches should not just help groups to start but also help bring to people the skill they will need to get it to work. 

bring folks together to talk about how we each to chores.

a fraternity is a cooperative housing.  we have a lot of techniques to keep each other from killing each other

gordon - coop is summer camp for adults

each of the above have clear endpoints but we want to have it be sustainable...  for longevity

johnn case in point organizational development person found transitioning to coop life was very difficult

belfast co housing development in belfast maine.  all the people are discovering many conflicts.

one goal for branches may be to talks to college. 

learn how to have the conversation. 

is coop a stage of life people have before marriaging and moving out?
teenagers are just too difficult to live with

Gabe:  "coops bring widespread happiness, sustainability..."  away from agrarian

76 boston ave.

joanne update from Charlie
bcc rental coop fund.  They are still trying to figure out how to implement a formal process for the loan money.  

Cooperative Fund of New England
cdfi,  UU, temples, cabot, bank of america, (min 1000 investment)  coopfund.coop, rebecca dun is the director.  investment is 0-4% return.  loan interest generally 6% but flexible.
coop capital fund.  for riskier loans.
4 loan officers in NE
will take 2nd positioin on a loan from other lenders

coop gathering
coop social

hybrid social and conference?

coops open house for atraction new interest

fostering existing coop ties.

ask coops to have exit interviews!  so we can find trends about why people leave.
some reasons may include
embarrassment at having to live alone.  I'm supposed to be on my own. 
get away from the pressures, expectations of roommates