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2011-06-15 Meeting

Location: Spirit of '76
Attendees: Johnn (williams st), Gordon (franklin st), Nate (karaoke), Gabe (spirit of 76), Maggie (Cooperative Fund of New England), and Oren (Millstone) 

  • Website
  • Divide Coops
  • Pamphlet
  • International 2012 Year of Coops
  • Coop Fair

Oren led a discussion about the website and we brainstormed functionality and possible edits and changes to name

Gordon led a discussion about how to divide the coops to individuals for outreach 

Gabe led a discussion about the pamphlet
  • Stop using old branches acronym
  • add resources to what we are doing
  • add pic of people eating to Benefits of coop page
  • make "who we are" bigger
  • site link on cover and mission page
  • under map -find a coop, join a coop, start a coop, get connected branches link = use same as web
  • get hi-res photo of branches
  • potentially also create a banner
We decided to take November House up on their generous offer to print the pamphlets
  • Print the pamphlets on cream color paper on dark grey color text and color images
Next time we will look into using Red Sun -try not offset but copy price

International coop fair = call your congress person!

Coop faire
  • Prepare a sign up sheet with personal info and checks for looking for coop, have coop, etc.
  • Input box
  • Printed up copies of the questions that we ask existing coops so we can imedietely get new coops data (although we would still have to type it up)

by Wednesday next week Gabe will have another version of the pamphlet ready for review
by July 2nd we will have a pamphlet to hand out

See everyone at the Coop Faire on July 2nd!  Its in the parking lot adjacent to Harvest Cambridge from 10 AM to 2 PM.