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2011-05-19 Meeting

Location: Spirit of '76
Attendees: Johnn (williams st), Gordon (franklin st), Nate (karaoke), Gabe (spirit of 76), Maggie (Cooperative Fund of New England) 

Overview to date: 
We need Content for Pamphlet and website (expand bostoncoops.org)
  • Need quotes: see google doc, have some
  • Johnn to provide definitions of coops and other types of intentional communities *Johnn*
  • fill rest of coop directory with basic information from as many coops as possible *Gordon will divvy up*
  • complete benefits to coop list, started on google doc *Gabe*
  • pictures collection via dropbox *Gabe will invite people*
  • Map of coops *Oren*
  • Calendar - keeping it current *Nathan & all of us* 

  • Part of movement, links to NASCO, Coop Fund New England, etc.
  • Gabe will look into printing costs
    • Aprox 500
    • 8.5x11 trifold, color, both sides
    • Red Sun Press
      • what they will take for input (Gabe and Nate will use same software so that we can have at least two people revising)
    • Vistaprint as an alternative
  • Many of the items that will be included are listed under the website below except that no coop specific lists or items will be used
    • map just showing dots to give an idea of how many and general overall input
Website ideas
  • Red/green box on website to say “we’re looking for someone”
  • Username/password for each coops
  • definitions of coops and other types of intentional communities
  • Search by location
    • Map of Boston area with coops
  • Fields (display two ways: in table format for overview of all coops, individual coop profile page)
    • Opening (red/green)
    • Town (if boston then neighborhood)
    • Approx # of people
    • Age range
    • Animals 
    • Diet 
    • Contact (web link, email)
    • Description/pictures
      • Rental/owned
      • Chore structure
      • Meetings
      • Formal aspects
  • Create forum functionality for people to post for the purpose of new coops
  • Reference the great resources such as BCN email alias as the 'list to be on'

GOALs by July 2nd meeting
-Create pamphlet
-Add/provide functionality to website

NEXT Meeting June 15th @ 7:30 @ Spirit of '76