Assembly Initiatives and Issues

View the subpages here to learn about our active projects.  The "In the works" section is a storage space for brainstorms, aborted projects, and future plans and dreams.

Below, we have a few requests open to all collective livers in the Boston area:

House Representation
Our proposal for each collective house in the Boston-area:
Make participation in the Collective House Assembly a house ‘job’ – give someone chore hours for representing and reporting back to your house each month.  Make your house an active participant in the Assembly, and make the Assembly fit the needs and priorities of your home.

Feedback requested

  • Help develop the Co-op Start-up Fund by reading the proposal and adding your comments
  • Share policies, management tools and tricks, and food systems from your collective house on our Resources for Collective Living page

To submit feedback:

  • Edit the wiki
  • E-mail us: bostoncoopassembly [at] gmail [dot] com