Community Meal Calendar

The idea:
A calendar listing open, community meals at different Boston co-op houses.  We suggest each house to designate a specific day once a month or more frequently for an open house meal.  The intent is to facilitate more mingling between Boston co-opers, and also to offer a chance for interested people to experience a bit of cooperative living.


- "Come to appreciate the space the co-op houses are opening up.  If you can bring something to eat or drink, please do, but most importantly bring your interest"
- Houses should pick specific, regular times for the community meal, even if they have daily house meals, to ensure that the community meal is well attended by hosting housemates & welcoming to new folks (including people new to co-ops)
- Be clear on what diets will be accomodated the meal (will the food be omnivorous? gluten free? vegan?)

Possible problems:
- Publicly advertising free meals in a home opens the home to people who are just coming for the meals & not for the co-op experience

Where to post the open meals:
-A page on with a link next to Home, FAQs, Contact etc. called: Community Meals (feedback on name? Open Meals? Coop Open Meals?)

  1. Solicit feedback from folks about the idea. 
  2. Solicit coops to ask their members if they would like display their coops name with a particular open meal and the following questions:
    1. Time/date structure to post (1st/3rd mondays at 7pm, every sunday evening at 7pm, last sunday of the month brunch, etc...)
    2. How best to contact the coop (email,phone, etc)
    3. Whether the address is posted publicly or just the link to email phone etc from above
    4. A one sentence description of the meal has any special characteristics (like we always play music together after the meal, or board games often occur after the meal, or singing happens, etc)
    5. If the food provided or being brought should fit into any dietary restrictions.