Coop Financing Project: The Co-op Start-up Fund

To create a fund to support cooperative living in the Boston area

Your feedback is needed!

This proposal is in its development stage.  Right now, we need input, ideas, critiques, and questions from as many stakeholders as we can reach. 

We invite co-opers, co-operative organizations, housing rights activists, students, and other interested people to read through our proposal and give us both specific and general comments.

How to give feedback:
  1. Please read through the 3 sub-pages of our proposal: Donors and funding sources | Managing funds - Structure & Stakeholders | Mission
  2. Submit written comments to us:
    • Edit the wiki: We invite comments on the bottom of each page, below the horizontal line
    • E-mail us: bostoncoopassembly [at] gmail [dot] com
  3. Help draft the proposal in person
    • Join us at the May Collective House Assembly, where we will facilitate a work session to incorporate feedback and criticism and write a draft proposal