Appeal to BCC to be a program of

Dear Boston Community Cooperatives,

The Boston Co-op Housing Start-up Fund, that is in the alpha stage of development, aligns closely to the mission of BCC (seen here

We feel that the start-up fund would be best served as defined as a program of the BCC but would work intimately/partner with the Boston Collective House Assembly to maximize synergies. This would permit the Boston community to access the start-up program by coming to the open BCHA meetings and harnesing a group of enthusiastic people to help prospective coop starting groups create comprehensive plans while utilizing BCC's solid foundational not-for-profit base to host the funds and be the responsible and accountable party to make the final disbursement decisions. This would benefit BCC by gaining Group Equity from the fund and also benefit the Boston community by assisting new coops to start by establishing a process to seek assistance (BCHA) and potentially funds (start up fund hosted by BCC). 

The process and form of disbursements would be developed closely with BCC and BCHA to ensure full buy-in by both parties.  

Perhaps branding it "BCC: Co-op Housing Start-up Fund" or "Boston Co-op Housing Start-up Fund -- A Program of BCC" ?

We look forward to working with you to expand the coop movement in Boston and would love to hear feedback on how we can work together best to make a coop housing start-up fund a success!

Thank you,
*initial draft composed by Gabriel Baldwin* 
*please add/edit/comment*