Feedback needed

The goals and funding priorities of the Co-op Start-up Fund should be as clearly stated as possible to ensure that the Fund remains accountable to itself and its diverse set of stakeholders.  Below, we begin to outline a set of values and goals that will guide to whom we distribute funds.  It is essential that we receive considerable feedback here, to ensure that our future funding activities really meet the needs and desires of Boston-area co-opers and potential co-opers.  Please give us as much feedback as you can on your general vision as well as specific language!

Envisioning goals for the Fund:
  • To support long-term cooperative living in the Boston area
  • To make collective living an affordable option for a wide range of the Boston community, including people in communities historically marginalized from home ownership in the US, including low-income, immigrant, people of color, and LGBQ and transgender communities
  • To encourage communal, ecological living and food sovereignty through urban property ownership and the food-growing and energy efficient potential that comes with it
  • To support housing justice and tenants' rights movements in Boston by allowing more people to become their own landlord!
  • Working alongside and in support of existing housing justice groups in Boston to develop and implement this project
  • Ensuring that our actions support communities and have carefully considered impact assessments, to reduce or eliminate gentrifying forces
  • Ensuring openness and transparency in all our processes
  • Supporting diverse housing options to create space for different kinds of residents, including families
  • Outreaching to and inviting applications and participation from people from a wide range of backgrounds and neighborhoods across the Boston-area

Please add comments or ideas!